Teal is a color name that is derived from the Teal duck which is known for its beautiful color. So how can this affect a person who is named Teal? Well first we have to understand just how important color is to God. We can look around our world and see HIS GLORY IN THE SUNRISE AND SUNSET, THE EXPNSE OF THE BLUE SKIE, THE GREEN GRASS AND GREEN FOLIAGE OF ALL KINDS AND I can go on and on. And then we hear stories of people who have gone to heaven and they always talk about how they can’t describe the colors because they are so bright and intense! And I have heard them say that there are colors that they don’t have a name for.

Teal is a mixture between blue and green. This is what is commonly known about the colors blue and green. Blue: It is the color of trust and truth. Green: It is the color of growth and health. Together the two colors combined become the color of a person who is not only honest and upfront with no guile but also one who when they put their hand to the plow usually produce new life and growth which is a benefit to those around her.

Therefore our girl Teal is a person who as she grows in the Lord, becomes one who others depend upon confidently. She is one who can make wise decisions and stand by her word. As she learns more and more about God’s word and hides it in her heart she causes new growth to appear in the oddest places. You’d think she’d be a gardener, and may be, but the Lord has given her a different sort of garden.

Her garden is in the lives and hearts of those around her. Her friends covet her friendship for they know without a doubt that she can be trusted and relied upon in all situations. Like a good gardener Teal tends to her relationships. She sees to it that she doesn’t neglect them. It may be a while in between her visits but when she does come around she is always welcome, her visits relished. She always brings with her good news and helpful information. And she never leaves empty handed. She takes back with he the good love that only comes from true friendship. Teal is a good person and one it is a pleasure with which to be associated.

Prov. 22:1 A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches.