The name Quenna means ‘a queen ‘.  A queen is one who exercises authority within a limited sphere.   A queen is one who, in a way, is a protector or guardian, who gives aid to those who are in need. And in addition is known to have a firm character.

                   In her little part of the universe Quenna is a woman with whom it would be well advised to give consideration, especially when she is giving advice.  Some may view her as being controlling or trying to direct other people’s lives. But in reality, if acting under the leadership of the Lord, Quenna tries to bring order into what is sometimes seemingly confusing situations.

                       Quenna has a wealth of wisdom, discernment and knowledge that is garnered from above.  Her power and influence is not of her own and she would be wise to remember that and so too the people with which she comes into contact. Quenna did not set herself up as a ruler, the Lord did. But to be a good and wise ruler, she has to exercise humility before God and man.  In this Quenna becomes one who can be of great comfort and strength and bring great joy to the Lord.

And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this? Est. 4:14


La Ritta

The name La Ritta means ‘The Pearl’. You may notice that this is not just any old pearl but ‘The’ Pearl. It brings to mind the scripture about the pearl of great price. The Parable of the Pearl of Great Price – “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, who, when he had found one pearl, went and sold all that he had and bought it”. And too, when God looked at us, His finest creation, He saw The Pearl of great price and decided then and there that we were worth His greatest possession His one and only begotten Son, Jesus Christ . And we were bought. La Ritta has all this to keep in mind. While she really is of great value to God and to those of us to whom He has sent she also has had an extremely valuable price paid for her. But she is worth it.

In what way or ways is La Ritta worth the price paid for her? Her beauty, wit, talent or what? It could be any of these or all of them. It matters not to God. When he views her all He sees is perfection. All she needs to do is get into her prayer closet and seek His dear Face and He will guide her on the perfect path on which He would have her travel. He could and might lead her into a lot of different areas and types of things she never dreamed she would go. Her concept of her life is limited. While God on the other hand has no limitations.

God is waiting on La Ritta. On one hand there is no way she can disappoint Him while at the same time she can not aim or aspire too high. His Holy Spirit is there at the ready to help her when she feels too tired, frightened at the future or just plain flustered. He is there too when she feels fearless and strong enough to try her wings again and again and get again. He never gets too tired to try again. La Ritta has so much potential and already, without even knowing it, is a valuable asset to the people in her life.

Her worth is far above rubies. Prov. 31:10



The name Caroline is a feminine form of the name Charles which means ‘strength’. This strength could be some moral or intellectual power, or a great resource such as wealth or talent. Physical strength does not enter the picture as far as the interpretation of this name is concerned.  Caroline attains a different kind of strength when she allows the Lord of Hosts to enter her life, totally changing, and infusing her inner man with a strength that can come only from the Lord, This is done by spending time with Him, allowing Him to infuse within her His Spirit and when she does do this, she then becomes a mighty ‘man’ of valor in the Kingdom of God

 Caroline is strong in many ways. She can be leaned on in a time of trouble and be counted on when the rough times comes. She is not easily swayed, in her opinions or judgments. Mostly she has strength of character, moral excellence and firmness. The Lord would not have any of us use trickery or especially have a woman use her feminine wiles to win over someone into the Kingdom of God. However, He does give certain people the ability to woo another person to their way of thinking. So long as this ‘power’ is used for the advancement of the Army of the Lord it is quite acceptable I would think.

All these do describe Caroline as a woman of God who has allowed the Holy Spirit to take complete control of her being, a finished product, so to speak. But in reality Caroline is but flesh and bone subject to all the failures we all face. And Caroline does fail, make no mistake . However she does desire for this to be so. Therefore, in God’s eyes, and when she is needed to be so, she is all this. Because all she has to do is in sincerity believing that He will perform His Word like He says He will and it is done.

It would be a wise thing to have Caroline on your side, if a side is to be taken. Being a woman her physical strength just does not come into play. However, as was mentioned earlier there are different ways and kinds of strength. She certainly is not a ‘big man’ but, on the inside, where it counts, in God’s eyes and those who love and depend upon her,Caroline is a giant of a man.  The forces of evil tremble when her footsteps are heard coming.

Eph 6:10 . . . be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His




The name Rachelle means ‘a lamb’. A person defined as a lamb is considered to be sweet, kind and gentle and even naive at times. Maybe Rachelle is all that. However one can’t judge a book by its cover. Rachelle has learned a few things in her walk with the Lord. Our Lord was described as being meek and mild. Moses was the meekest man in the world when he was alive and look what God did with him.

Rachelle may be the absolute sweetest person you will ever meet. The Lord has blessed her with a meek spirit which does not always mean that she is necessarily quiet and shy. Like Pres. Roosevelt once said, ‘speak softly and carry a big stick’. Rachelle has learned through her walk with the Lord that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinagar. And she has also learned that those annoying flies can be dealt with quickly and easily if you have the right equipment .

Rachelle may not be the quiet and reserved person previously described. She may be at least outwardly the complete opposite . But that is another book cover which is held up for the world to see. Her spirit man is still the one who has to approach the All Mighty God in the Holy of Holies. And that is not a light or easy thing to do. When she appears before her Master and Savior Rachelle is as quiet and meek as a lamb, After all, He left the ninety and nine to come find her. She was worth it to Him. This is what makes Rachelle ‘s spirit man so humble, regardless of the front she let’s others see.

The scriptures says to be strong in the Lord and there is only one way to accomplish this . Through the study of His Word and your relationship with Him. Rachelle because her very nature is to be quiet and reserved has been drawn to an intimate closeness with Jesus. She is dependent on His strength to help her make it through life in general. Others who get to know the real Rachelle find that she really is a quiet source of strength and comfort.

1 Corinthians 16:13 Be on the alert. Stand firm in the faith. Be men of courage. Be strong.

Newest update

Thought I would give a little history about how I got started interpreting names. My husband and I had gone to a Bill Gotthard seminar on youth conflicts. We weren’t youths by any means but we dealt with them in church.
We learned a lot but what I took home with me was a life changer. On the last day of the seminar he gave the example of the meanings of 2 different names, Cindy and Wayne. Cindy meant ‘reflector of light’ and Wayne meant ‘burden bearer’. He then explained the interpretation of these names. The light Cindy was to reflect was the Light of Christ and the burden Wayne was to bear were the cares and concerns of those God placed in his life.

Then we were instructed to find out what our names meant and how that applied to our lives. OK so I looked up the name Helen and was so disappointed that it only meant ‘light’. So everyday, dull, boring, mundane. That is, until God had me do a word search in the Bible about light.

Wow! The LIGHT came on for me then! What a truly awesome name He gave me! Just think about light in general. We take it for granted, it is always around us from the morning sunrise to a flick of a switch. But that is the simple mundane meaning. Light can mean anything from inspiration to and idea (remember the carton lightbulb that appeared over someone’s head when they got a bright idea?) I can go on and on about all the meanings and applications of light in a persons life. Literally, but I wont bore you with all that.

I strongly urge you to find the meaning of your name. Don’t just take my word for what you need to know. Do like I did. Go on a study to find out all you can. Its YOUR life.

what’s in a name

Is your name a physical thing? Something you can hold in your hand? Can you see it, touch it, smell it or taste it? No but you sure know it when you hear it. In God’s Word it is written . . . Ecc. 7:1 A good name is better than precious ointment . . . and in another place Prov. 22:1 A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches . . . So it can be seen that God puts great value on our names.
My mission, or gift, is to explain to you by interpretation what your name means and how it can apply to your life. Sometimes this comes quickly and easily to me and at other times it takes a lot of time, prayer and researching.SO FAR there has not been a name for which the Lord has not given me a meaning.
There has been times when I have exhausted every method and ways and places through prayer and just hard work that I simply could not find a glimmer of a meaning. Then the Lord simply whispers in my ear the meaning He chooses. Why doesn’t He do this in the first place? I don’t know. When this happens it makes me think about interpretation a message in tongues. It is one and the same thing.
Consider the fact that God, in His perfect plan and will for each of His children, wrote our names down in His Book of Life before He created the world. Because He did do this, it should be apparent just how important God considered our names to be. Each and every name has a unique meaning. There may be millions of Bills or Mary’s or Johnny’s, etc. But there has never been nor ever will be a Bill or Mary or Johnny born at the exact time, place in history, with the same family, or any number of variables.
Take for example the name Mary. The basic meaning of the name is ‘bitter’. The name Mary comes from the Biblical spice Myrrh which when tasted is bitter. However, when this same spice is used to anoint something in order to offer it up on an altar to God and then burnt, it releases a sweet smelling aroma, which is very pleasing to God.
Now, let’s look at two different Mary’s. The first Mary encounters numerous hardships, abuses, etc. She does struggle to get through her life without having a hard and bitter heart and for the most part succeeds. But as life goes on and the bad things keep happening she allows her heart to becomes hard and bitter. The Lord prompts her over and over to forgive and forget but she doesn’t. As she becomes an old lady it is apparent to everyone that knows her that she is a bitter old woman with which few people like to be around.
The second Mary encounters just as many hard times as the first, maybe even more. However, there is one major difference between these two women. The second Mary gives her heart and soul to the Lord and when He prompts her to forgive and forget she does. It is hard for her to do this, as her grievances are many. But as she gives her burdens to the Lord she finds them to be light and easy to place upon the altar. Her incense is indeed pleasing to the Lord.
This is not to make it sound like the second Mary had it easier because she had Jesus as her Savior. Probably in some ways she had it even harder. But as a Christian given over to the will of the Lord His presence in her heart and life made it easier for the second Mary to deal with the situations of her life. The first Mary could have made this decision is she so chose to at any time or stage in her life.
This is the same decision we all have to face. What to do with what the Lord has given us. I could choose to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”. or allow the cares and troubles of my life snuff out my light. What is your decision as to what you will do with what the Lord has given to you?


The name Donna means ‘lady’. It is the equivalent of Lord who is “a Ruler, a Sovereign or a Master. One possessing supreme power, a Feudal Superior and the holder of a Manor.” Lady is the female equivalent. It can be used by an unmarried woman in her own right, or by the wife of a man with the title: Lord, Baron or Sir.

Since we are talking about a modern day American woman our Donna does not hold court or have maids attending to her every need. Our Donna is more like the woman in Proverbs 31. This lady did indeed rule her home. She obviously had servants and money. Maybe our Donna does too but most likely not. But in any case Donna does have a rule in her life, her family, her part of this world.

How does Donna accomplish all this? Maybe Donna is loud and outgoing, everybody knows her and where she stands on any issue. Her ideas, wants, desires are plainly known by anyone within hearing distance. And no one dares to cross her. She rules her area of the world, definitely.

But what about the quiet Donna? She is not likely to let others know her wishes and desires much less impose them on others. So what does she do? Most likely she retreats to her quiet place, where she can be alone with her God where she indeed is a Lady and is treated as such. She makes known to her God, her husband, her Lord her needs wants and wishes and He in His sovereign will and way will see to the matters that most concern her. He is her Lord after all and He takes care of His own.

The other Donna, with her boisterous ways how does she relate to her God, Lord and master? In the exact same way as the quiet Donna. God makes all His children different while all the time they are all made in His image and likeness. Most of the time God seems quiet and far away not really involved in our day to day lives which of course is not true at all. And then there are the times we just know that He is here and very active for all to know and see.

Which ever temperament God has given our Donna she has the same directive from the throne. Serve Him first and then she will indeed rule her part of her world, family and environment, the people she knows and loves and those she knows in just a general way. Everyone who knows Donna will get to know a side of God that they might never have known in any other way.

Prov. 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. 11 The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her,


Teal is a color name that is derived from the Teal duck which is known for its beautiful color. So how can this effect a person who is named Teal? Well first we have to understand just how important color is to God. We can look around our world and see His glory in the sunrise and sunset, the expanse of the sky, the grass and green foliage of all kinds and I can go on and on. And then we hear stories of people who have gone to heaven and they always talk about how they can’t describe the colors because they are so bright and intense! And I have heard them say that there are colors for which they have no description.

Teal is a mixture between blue and green. This is what is commonly known about the colors blue and green. Blue: It is the color of trust and truth. Green: It is the color of growth and health. Together the two colors combined become the color of a person who is not only honest and upfront with no guile but also one who when they put their hand to the plow usually produce new life and growth which is a benefit to those around her.

Therefore our girl or can be our boy Teal is a person who as she grows in the Lord, becomes one who others depend upon confidently. She is one who can make wise decisions and stand by her word. As she learns more and more about God’s word and hides it in her heart she causes new growth to appear in the oddest places. You’d think she’d be a gardener, and maybe, but the Lord has given her a different sort of garden.

Her garden is in the lives and hearts of those around her. Her friends covet her friendship for they know without a doubt that she can be trusted and relied upon in all situations. Like a good gardener Teal tends to her relationships. She sees to it that she doesn’t neglect them. It may be a while in between her visits but when she does come around she is always welcome, her visits relished. She always brings with her good news and whatever it is that the Lord would have her bring with her. And she never leaves empty handed. She takes back with he the good love that only comes from true friendship. Teal is a good person and one it is a pleasure with which to be associated.

Prov. 22:1 A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches.


The name Allison means “of noble birth”. Of a truth, once we have all been born again we are all of a noble birth because we all are born into the Royal Family of God. But Allison has a better claim than the rest of us simply because of the meaning of her name. ALL names have an attribute of God’s character, so which attribute of God’s character is Allison supposed to exhibit in her life?
This can be complicated. All lives are different, shaped by different times, people, geography, etc. Since I live in America I will go with what I know. Even at that there are still a lot of variables. But the Allison I know is one who doesn’t even know she is of the nobility. Maybe it was because of how she was raised. Here in America most of us have to work for a living. Allison may not have a nine to five job making a paycheck but nevertheless Allison earns whatever comes her way just like the rest of us. Nothing is handed to her as though she really were of the nobility.
However she exhibits it in her day to day life without even knowing it. She does this by treating each person she meets and knows on a daily basis as an equal. She doesn’t seem to think she knows more or could do better than others although she probably could and with ease. Allison tends to have a knack, a flair even to make the simplistic task seem not only easy to do but make it
look even elegant at times. And while she is at it, she has the ability to set others at ease, making them feel comfortable and welcome. This stems from her relationship with God.  His grace gives her this ability.
None of us fulfill all the qualities of the name by which we are called. Allison is no exception, so she is no Saint who can do no wrong. However when God looks at her He does see her as fulfilling ever last iota of the meaning of her name. Every time she slips ups and fails to follow through with what she hoped and meant to do to give God glory through her life He sees, knows and understands. Just because He didn’t fail to live up to His names’ calling doesn’t cause Him to find fault with her when she has trouble doing the same.
Act 17:11  These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.


The name James means “a supplanter”. To supplant means to take one thing and replace it with another. According to Jer. 9:4 a supplanter is one who takes by the heel and trips up, a deceiver, (a Jacob), The first time this name James was used is Gen. 25:26 only the name was Jacob, which is where the name James originates. How did Jacob earn this definition of his name? It happened when he and his brother were born.

Gen. 25:24 When her (Rebekah, their mother) days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb. 25. The first came out red all over like a hairy garment, and they named him Esau [hairy]. 26. Afterward his brother came forth, and his hand grasped Esau’s heel; so he was named Jacob [supplanter]. He took Esau’s place and took it and as his own.

So, James, a supplanter, can choose to follow his ancestors lead and be a contender for God and for good. Or, he can simply do nothing, waiting for a better time maybe. Or, he can just decide to be God’s man and fight the good fight, studying God’s Word and learning how to wage war against the enemy.
A contender is one who fights, competes, struggles. Because of this meaning whether James follows God or not he will always be fighting some kind of battle. This does not mean that he will be that kind of man with a chip on his shouder looking for a fight. Nor does it mean that all his battles are internal. Whether he is following God or not he will always be struggling with the contender for our souls. And like the rest of us he will occasionally, if not often, fail.

However, as with Jacob, God will give him the wisdom as to which battles to fight and then the strength to not only fight but to be victorious. He will be able to cause others to join the battles with him. All armies need good strong leaders. James is that kind of man.

1 Tim. 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.