The name Patsy means ‘of noble birth’.  The nobility of Patsy’s birth stems from her true beginning, which is, being part of the royal family of God once she has been born again. However, being born again is just the start of Patsy’s Spiritual journey just like her natural birth and growth. And too,since no one is born in the adult stage so too no one is born Spirituality mature.

Patsy has a long and arduous adventure before her. She has a lot to learn in order to fulfill this calling on her life. She may have been born with a ‘silver spoon in her mouth’ as the saying goes but she will have to learn how to use it just like the rest of us who use just plain old spoons of the common folk.

Speaking of this silver spoon, Patsy will learn that spoon s can be used both ways. You can feed yourself but you can feed others using the spoon even. Being born as she has it would be easy for Patsy to get a big head and feel as if she shouldn’t have to encounter the same difficulties as the rest of us. Of course the Lord has to bring her back down to the real Earth where it is all happening.

This is where Patsy’s adventure becomes arduous. It’s hard for any of us to wade through the drudgery of the same Ole same Ole forever it seems without much happening one way or the other. So much for being born of royal blood and all that. But then there is God. Patiently waiting for Patsy to turn to Him, the King of Glory to help her, to lift her from the drudgery of everyday life.

How, you may ask? Why that’s easy! All she has to do is give up any ideas of any exalted expectations, give her all to the learning the ways and means of living g the life if a love slave to the Lover of Her Soul. She merely has too study His Word and pray and meditate and seek His face. Sound hard? Maybe, but worth it.

Psalms 29:31 Many women do noble things but you excel them all



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