The name Yolanda means ‘purple’ which which besides being a beautiful color, it has always been associated with royalty. The royalty or even the nobility of Yolanda’s birth stems from her true beginning, which is, being part of the royal family of God once she has been born again.  There is no higher calling.

Purple may not be Yolanda ‘s favorite color and she may hate it. But it is said that our blood is actually blue/purple before oxygen touches it. I don’t think this is any kind of odd thing. I think it is designed by God. Just think, Yolanda really does have royal blue/purple blood running through her veins . Of course we all do but in this instance I find it so appropriate that one whose very name means purple has blue/purple blood running through her veins.

She is just an ordinary woman who you might even know as a neighbor. No one special and she in her heart of hearts is always amazed when she finds that God wants to speak to her, as God does wants to speak to all of His children all of the time. Too few people listen. Yolanda is one of these. Just the kind of person God really likes talking with. She isn’t one who takes it for granted, she knows that to hear from God is a special thing.

Yolanda is one to rise above most situations that she may encounter in this life.  Through her walk in this life Yolanda learns much by observing others and emulating the good quality examples she sees and rejecting the poorer, inferior qualities or traits she sees in others.  She is an apt pupil and puts what she learns to good use.  Yolanda is one to contemplate and set goals.  She aims high, reaches high and succeeds.

    Yolanda tries to keep her head out of the clouds even though she does have lofty ideas and ideals.  She does her best to ignore the unpleasant circumstances that find their way into her life.  Even so, she deals with them. She does this with grace as becoming to one of noble birth.  Not looking down on others that are not as fortunate as she, Yolanda gives a helping hand to any that may have need of her abilities and talents.

James 2:8  . . . fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. .



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