The name Udell means ‘ wealthy ‘. To be rich in the kingdom of God is not necessarily the same thing as having an abundance of worldly possessions. Udell is blessed by her Creator with many spiritual gifts that are valuable assets to Him and to the family of God

God has given Udell many capabilities and abilities.  He gives these to Udell as a way for Him to be able to give good things to His children and be a blessing to them also. Udell is really an ordinary woman you might meet at the grocery store or at Church some Sunday morning or working at your doctor’s office . She’s nothing dpecial, at least at first glance. Udell does not have an inflated idea of her worth but at the same time she is well aware of the need there is of the abilities with which the Lord has blessed her. It is the calling on her life to ‘spread the wealth’ so to speak.  She is not to keep to herself what the Lord has given to her.

Others often do not see His giftings and callings easily or quickly or understand their importance.  After Udell has given her heart and soul entirely to God and to His service, it then becomes apparent just how precious she is to Him. It is this gift of wealth she has that makes valuable to Him as well as those to who he sends her, and she k ow this. So she works hard to be generous . There are way to many needy and hurting people in need of God’s love and resources for Udell to hold back. Through her life and how bountifully the Lord deals with her, others can learn what they can expect from God themselves.

 Pro 22:4  By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life.



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