The name Quenna means ‘a queen ‘.  A queen is one who exercises authority within a limited sphere.   A queen is one who, in a way, is a protector or guardian, who gives aid to those who are in need. And in addition is known to have a firm character.

                   In her little part of the universe Quenna is a woman with whom it would be well advised to give consideration, especially when she is giving advice.  Some may view her as being controlling or trying to direct other people’s lives. But in reality, if acting under the leadership of the Lord, Quenna tries to bring order into what is sometimes seemingly confusing situations.

                       Quenna has a wealth of wisdom, discernment and knowledge that is garnered from above.  Her power and influence is not of her own and she would be wise to remember that and so too the people with which she comes into contact. Quenna did not set herself up as a ruler, the Lord did. But to be a good and wise ruler, she has to exercise humility before God and man.  In this Quenna becomes one who can be of great comfort and strength and bring great joy to the Lord.

And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this? Est. 4:14


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