The name Helen means ‘light’.  Light has many meanings and applications.  One meaning of light is the knowledge gained by the act of studying. One application of light is the imparting of that same knowledge. Helen, once she has allowed the Light of the World to come into her heart and soul becomes a light to those around her.

    Helen is usually a good teacher, using stories and illustrations to make ideas more clear while trying to help someone understand a difficult concept.  Teaching is sometimes a good method of bringing light. When Helen does turn the light onto a subject or person she often uses humor.  She finds it a way to ease tense circumstances and to help lighten an otherwise dark situation.

    She finds that others come to her, not only for advice, but also for help in understanding the whys and wherefore’s of their lives.  There are times when it is hard for Helen to let her light shine for her life is not always ideal either. But the Light of the World gives her the light by which she needs to walk.  And as she walks in this Light she is able to light her little corner of the world.

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men. . .


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