The name Caroline is a feminine form of the name Charles which means ‘strength’. This strength could be some moral or intellectual power, or a great resource such as wealth or talent. Physical strength does not enter the picture as far as the interpretation of this name is concerned.  Caroline attains a different kind of strength when she allows the Lord of Hosts to enter her life, totally changing, and infusing her inner man with a strength that can come only from the Lord, This is done by spending time with Him, allowing Him to infuse within her His Spirit and when she does do this, she then becomes a mighty ‘man’ of valor in the Kingdom of God

 Caroline is strong in many ways. She can be leaned on in a time of trouble and be counted on when the rough times comes. She is not easily swayed, in her opinions or judgments. Mostly she has strength of character, moral excellence and firmness. The Lord would not have any of us use trickery or especially have a woman use her feminine wiles to win over someone into the Kingdom of God. However, He does give certain people the ability to woo another person to their way of thinking. So long as this ‘power’ is used for the advancement of the Army of the Lord it is quite acceptable I would think.

All these do describe Caroline as a woman of God who has allowed the Holy Spirit to take complete control of her being, a finished product, so to speak. But in reality Caroline is but flesh and bone subject to all the failures we all face. And Caroline does fail, make no mistake . However she does desire for this to be so. Therefore, in God’s eyes, and when she is needed to be so, she is all this. Because all she has to do is in sincerity believing that He will perform His Word like He says He will and it is done.

It would be a wise thing to have Caroline on your side, if a side is to be taken. Being a woman her physical strength just does not come into play. However, as was mentioned earlier there are different ways and kinds of strength. She certainly is not a ‘big man’ but, on the inside, where it counts, in God’s eyes and those who love and depend upon her,Caroline is a giant of a man.  The forces of evil tremble when her footsteps are heard coming.

Eph 6:10 . . . be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His


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