The name Sarah has two different meanings , one is the usual one you find in most baby name places which is ‘princess’a and the other one is ‘mother of a nation’. The two seem to be opposites and basically they are. But there are some similarities . One, they both have a high position from which they rule. Two, they both are very important people, women in particular. And three, what they say, do or even imply makes a difference to somebody if not a to a lot of people. Who knows how far Sarah’s influence may reach?

So whether our Sarah is just a run of the mill princess or a mother of a nation it is extremely important that she makes sure that the One Who influences her is one who will guide her onto the Right Path. This is important because there are those who pay attention to the tiniest thing she says and does and tends to do the same.

Sarah may kick and scream and say like some recent sport players say that she didn’t sign up to be any body’s role model. That she shouldn’t be responsible for other people’s actions . And of course not, God is a good God, you are only accountable for your own actions. However when you find out that through no fault or decision of your own this has happened anyway then you need to go to the One Who is responsible and get it checked out . He has a master plan for each of us and no two are exactly alike.

Sarah need not get too introspective and examine her every thought and deed and look to see what effect it might have on others. God only wants her to live a life that is pleasing to Him. No one is required to live their lives based on other people’s needs. And then there there is the thought that maybe Sarah is supposed to truly be that big of an influence on a bunch of people but then, maybe not. Maybe she is only supposed to influence only one person. At a time.

And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this Est. 4:14

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