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Thought I would give a little history about how I got started interpreting names. My husband and I had gone to a Bill Gotthard seminar on youth conflicts. We weren’t youths by any means but we dealt with them in church.
We learned a lot but what I took home with me was a life changer. On the last day of the seminar he gave the example of the meanings of 2 different names, Cindy and Wayne. Cindy meant ‘reflector of light’ and Wayne meant ‘burden bearer’. He then explained the interpretation of these names. The light Cindy was to reflect was the Light of Christ and the burden Wayne was to bear were the cares and concerns of those God placed in his life.

Then we were instructed to find out what our names meant and how that applied to our lives. OK so I looked up the name Helen and was so disappointed that it only meant ‘light’. So everyday, dull, boring, mundane. That is, until God had me do a word search in the Bible about light.

Wow! The LIGHT came on for me then! What a truly awesome name He gave me! Just think about light in general. We take it for granted, it is always around us from the morning sunrise to a flick of a switch. But that is the simple mundane meaning. Light can mean anything from inspiration to and idea (remember the carton lightbulb that appeared over someone’s head when they got a bright idea?) I can go on and on about all the meanings and applications of light in a persons life. Literally, but I wont bore you with all that.

I strongly urge you to find the meaning of your name. Don’t just take my word for what you need to know. Do like I did. Go on a study to find out all you can. Its YOUR life.

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