The name Becky is a derivative of the name Rebekah whichmeans “captivating”. According to the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, her name is usually explained from the Arabic, rabqat, “a tie-rope for animals,” or, rather, “a noose” … which is such a rope; its application would then by figure suggest the beauty of her that bears it, by means of which men are snared or bound.
As the meaning of all names have some characteristic of God we already know that God’s love is captivating. We all, once we have
experienced being in His Presence, are captivated and gladly so.

This is God’s plan for Becky, to be so captivating that, like Jesus, she will draw people to her. Once she has done so she then can present God’s Love to them in such a way that He is irresistible. In what way is Becky to be so captivating and irresistible? It could be her physical beauty, or her manner of speaking or just the glow she has about herself which comes from being loved by God. Remember from the Scriptures it talks about how Jesus simply spoke to the disciples and they dropped what they were doing to follow Him? Well, Becky can have that effect on people, of course not to the extent that Jesus did.

Becky may be beautiful, and she may have the gift of gab and be one who never meets a stranger. She also may be plain of face with a withdrawn disposition. She can be one who, once you do get to know her you find that she really does have just that kind of personality that draws you in, which causes one to hang onto every word she speaks

In some way or the other, this is Becky’s God given calling, drawing people to herself, even if it is that ONE and only one , God means for her to reach, in order for her to present to them the Gospel. This is to be done in such a way that they are caught in the “noose” of God’s love.

John 12:32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

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