My Name Interpretation and Meaning

The day has finally arrived!  I am now back on board and ready to get started  putting in content.

I would like to first state that while I am a born again Christian who has been baptized with water and of the fire of His Holy Spirit. That being said I am not a religious person by no means but I am very much a Spiritual one.

For me that means that I nearly always see things through spiritual eys more so than the natural.  My main desire is to tell people about what their name means and then how it can apply to their lives.  But even further than that the Lord has shown me through His Wor the importance of the meaning of numbers and colrs.

Now understand, when I say number meanings it has NOTHING to do wit numerology.  There are many false gifts today as well as when Jesus and His disciples walked here on Earth. About colors and their meanings I am quite sure there are those who have their opinion what they believe colors mean that have no Biblical or Godly basis.