The name Maurice means ‘swarthy’ which means dark skinned. How does one become dark skinned? Either he is born that way or he spends a lot of time in the light. By the very nature of his name I’d say Maurice was born this way. Way before the foundation of the world when God wrote his name in the Lambs’ Book of Names Maurice was being bathed in That Light that caused him to become dark skinned. There was a calling on his life, like the rest of us, for which the Lord was preparing him even before he was born.

So why the need of dark skin? As in the natural, when one is exposed to the light after a certain length of time ones skin will just naturally turn darker. Unless you are of that crowd who doesn’t and has need of sun block. But we are not discussing that crowd here, we are considering why Maurice was born this way. I believe God was preparing him for the tough times and the battles ahead. Those who can’t stand to be out in the heat of the Light for extended periods will get too hot or burnt and will have to leave the battle field. There is no shame in this. These people simply have a different task to fulfill.

Maurice however has his work cut out for him. From birth nearly he has felt the heat of being different, not the norm. He in turn felt he could see and understand the hurts and even sufferings of others in the same predicament. But more is required of him than to feel compassion. He has to get out in the field of being confrontational at the expense of riticule, derision and contempt for his beliefs and stand. And the sad fact is that there are few who believe or understand him much less stand shoulder to shoulder with him in the battle of public opinion. His Biblical beliefs are just too radical.

But that is why Maurice was born dark skinned in the first place, to be able to stand in the heat of the battle. Our Savior faced the exact same battle however He not only fought this same battle He gave the Ultimate Sacrifice, not just the rejection and scorn of His fellowman. So, Maurice does have a tough time ahead without much hope of any let up. He has been prepared for this battle, he is ready and able calling all comrades who dare to be different and stand up against the so called Scriptural ‘norm’ to come out with him in the Light and the heat. The battle is swift and sure and Great are the Rewards.

Deu. 20:3   And shall say unto them, Hear, O Israel, ye approach
this day unto battle against your enemies: let not your hearts faint, fearnot, and do not tremble, neither be ye terrified because of them.


The name Alice means “of noble birth”. Of a truth, once we have all been born again we are all of a noble birth because we all are born into the Royal Family of God. But Alice has a better claim than the rest of us simply because of the meaning of name. ALL names have an attribute of God’s character, so which attribute of God’s character is Alice is supposed to exhibit in her life?

This can be complicated. All lives are different, shaped by different times, people, geography, etc. Since I live in America I will go with what I know. Even at that there are still a lot of variables. But the Alice I know is one who doesn’t even know she is of the nobility. Maybe it was because of how she was raised. Here in America most of us have to work for a living. Alice may not have a nine to five job making a paycheck but nevertheless Alice earns whatever comes her way just like the rest of us. Nothing is handed to her as though she really were of the nobility.
However she exhibits it in her day to day life without even knowing it. She does this by treating each person she meets and knows on a daily basis as an equal. She doesn’t seem to think she knows more or could do better than others although she probably could and with ease. Alice tends to have a knack, a flair even to make the simplistic task seem not only easy to do but make it
look even elegant at times. And while she is at it, she has the ability to set others at ease, making them feel comfortable and welcome. This stems from her relationship with God.  His grace gives her this ability.
None of us fulfill all the qualities of the name by which we are called. Alice is no exception, so she is no Saint who can do no wrong. However when God looks at her He does see her as fulfilling ever last iota of the meaning of her name. Every time she slips ups and fails to follow through with what she hoped and meant to do to give God glory through her life He sees, knows and understands. Just because He didn’t fail to live up to His names’ calling doesn’t stop Him from finding fault with her when she has trouble doing the same.

Act 17:11  These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.


My Name Interpretation and Meaning

The day has finally arrived!  I am now back on board and ready to get started  putting in content.

I would like to first state that while I am a born again Christian who has been baptized with water and of the fire of His Holy Spirit. That being said I am not a religious person by no means but I am very much a Spiritual one.

For me that means that I nearly always see things through spiritual eys more so than the natural.  My main desire is to tell people about what their name means and then how it can apply to their lives.  But even further than that the Lord has shown me through His Wor the importance of the meaning of numbers and colrs.

Now understand, when I say number meanings it has NOTHING to do wit numerology.  There are many false gifts today as well as when Jesus and His disciples walked here on Earth. About colors and their meanings I am quite sure there are those who have their opinion what they believe colors mean that have no Biblical or Godly basis.