The name Mary comes from the Biblical spice Myrrh which when tasted is bitter. However, when this same spice is used to anoint something in order to offer it up on an altar to God and then burnt, it releases a sweet smelling aroma, which is very pleasing to God.

      Now, let’s look at two different Mary’s. The first Mary encounters numerous hardships, abuses, etc. She does struggle to get through her life without having a hard and bitter heart and for the most part succeeds. But as life goes on and the bad things keep happening she allows her heart to becomes hard and bitter. The Lord prompts her over and over to forgive and forget but she doesn’t. As she becomes an old lady it is apparent to everyone that knows her that she is a bitter old woman with which few people like to be around. 

     The second Mary encounters just as many hard times as the first, maybe even more. However, there is one major difference between these two women. The second Mary gives her heart and soul to the Lord and when He prompts her to forgive and forget she does. It is hard for her to do this, as her grievances are many. But as she gives her burdens to the Lord she finds them to be light and easy to place upon the altar. This is her incense which she places on the altar and it is indeed pleasing to the Lord. 

     This is not to make it sound like the second Mary had it easier because she had Jesus as her Savior.  Probably in some ways she had it even harder.  But as a Christian given over to the will of the Lord His presence in her heart and life made it easier for the second Mary to deal with the situations of her life. The first Mary could have made this decision is she had so chosen to at any time or stage in her life.

            Now does any Mary, or anyone for that matter give everything over to the will of the Lord. No. We all strive to do so and at times we really do but those times don’t last because we are made of flesh. The Lord knows that. Keeping that in mind He looks at Mary’s heart as though it was stayed on Him never wavering because His heart stays true and unwavering towards her.

Rom. 12:1. I beseech you … present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy, acceptable to God



The name Oprah means ‘a fawn’. A fawn is young deer, specifically one still unweaned. Also a fawn, a baby deer, is usually a symbol of meekness, kindness, and gentleness. To some Oprah may appear to be shy and unsophisticated.  This is how the Lord would have her to be, gentle in nature, enduring injury or insult with patience and without resentment. After she has given her heart to the Lord and allowed Him to change her outlook on life as well as her heart, Oprah finds her opinions and feelings are indeed changing more and more like the Lord’s.

Oprah does not allow anyone or anything to change her or corrupt her beliefs or convictions. She is extremely submissive, but usually only to the Lord.  She wants and foes strive to be able to get along with everybody,that is, if she can. Not one to be bitter or resentful, Oprah strives to be at peace with every body.  She doesn’t start disagreements and does not want to be involved with them, either. But she isn’t willing to back down and be a Patsy either.

    Meekness may be seen by some as being weak, but in truth, meekness is really great strength kept under control. Jesus was meek and mild. But He did all right. With Oprah the old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” holds true. Give her an inch and she will take a mile. In other words, give Oprah half a chance and she will show you of what the Lord has made her, pure strength. A gentle friend who is a strong right arm should you need it.

Titus 3:2 To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, shewing all meekness unto all men.



     The name Patsy means ‘of noble birth’.  The nobility of Patsy’s birth stems from her true beginning, which is, being part of the royal family of God once she has been born again. However, being born again is just the start of Patsy’s Spiritual journey just like her natural birth and growth. And too,since no one is born in the adult stage so too no one is born Spirituality mature.

Patsy has a long and arduous adventure before her. She has a lot to learn in order to fulfill this calling on her life. She may have been born with a ‘silver spoon in her mouth’ as the saying goes but she will have to learn how to use it just like the rest of us who use just plain old spoons of the common folk.

Speaking of this silver spoon, Patsy will learn that spoon s can be used both ways. You can feed yourself but you can feed others using the spoon even. Being born as she has it would be easy for Patsy to get a big head and feel as if she shouldn’t have to encounter the same difficulties as the rest of us. Of course the Lord has to bring her back down to the real Earth where it is all happening.

This is where Patsy’s adventure becomes arduous. It’s hard for any of us to wade through the drudgery of the same Ole same Ole forever it seems without much happening one way or the other. So much for being born of royal blood and all that. But then there is God. Patiently waiting for Patsy to turn to Him, the King of Glory to help her, to lift her from the drudgery of everyday life.

How, you may ask? Why that’s easy! All she has to do is give up any ideas of any exalted expectations, give her all to the learning the ways and means of living g the life if a love slave to the Lover of Her Soul. She merely has too study His Word and pray and meditate and seek His face. Sound hard? Maybe, but worth it.

Psalms 29:31 Many women do noble things but you excel them all




     The name Yolanda means ‘purple’ which which besides being a beautiful color, it has always been associated with royalty. The royalty or even the nobility of Yolanda’s birth stems from her true beginning, which is, being part of the royal family of God once she has been born again.  There is no higher calling.

Purple may not be Yolanda ‘s favorite color and she may hate it. But it is said that our blood is actually blue/purple before oxygen touches it. I don’t think this is any kind of odd thing. I think it is designed by God. Just think, Yolanda really does have royal blue/purple blood running through her veins . Of course we all do but in this instance I find it so appropriate that one whose very name means purple has blue/purple blood running through her veins.

She is just an ordinary woman who you might even know as a neighbor. No one special and she in her heart of hearts is always amazed when she finds that God wants to speak to her, as God does wants to speak to all of His children all of the time. Too few people listen. Yolanda is one of these. Just the kind of person God really likes talking with. She isn’t one who takes it for granted, she knows that to hear from God is a special thing.

Yolanda is one to rise above most situations that she may encounter in this life.  Through her walk in this life Yolanda learns much by observing others and emulating the good quality examples she sees and rejecting the poorer, inferior qualities or traits she sees in others.  She is an apt pupil and puts what she learns to good use.  Yolanda is one to contemplate and set goals.  She aims high, reaches high and succeeds.

    Yolanda tries to keep her head out of the clouds even though she does have lofty ideas and ideals.  She does her best to ignore the unpleasant circumstances that find their way into her life.  Even so, she deals with them. She does this with grace as becoming to one of noble birth.  Not looking down on others that are not as fortunate as she, Yolanda gives a helping hand to any that may have need of her abilities and talents.

James 2:8  . . . fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. .




     The name Xavier means ‘bright’. Someone said to be bright usually is considered to be very smart in some way. Or at least cheerful, lighting up the room when they enter it because of their wonderful personality. Xavier has been put here on this sometimes dark and dreary world to be a bright and shining example of God’s love and glory. When his whole heart and soul has been given over to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ to mold unto His likeness then the world in which Xavier lives will be benefited.

     Xavier is destined for splendor. He will indeed, in some way at some time, if only for a fraction of space in time do something truly grand or magnificent. In God’s name he will achieve great fame and glory. This is not said to puff him up to make him think more highly of himself than he ought. Oh no. God has a mighty use for him. And use him He will. It seems at times that God really does choose specific people for specific things at specs times. Daniel in the Lion’s den, David and Goliath , Ruth, Esther, Mary through mother of Jesus and the list goes on and on.

     What is this great thing for which He called him? Who knows? But as Xavier continues to give his heart to the Lord and to seek His face it will happen. Without him being aware of it. Even those around him may have a hard time seeing His glory on his life. For Jesus Himself told his disciples that a prophet had no honour in his own country. John 4:44.

Rom 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.




     The name Helen means ‘light’.  Light has many meanings and applications.  One meaning of light is the knowledge gained by the act of studying. One application of light is the imparting of that same knowledge. Helen, once she has allowed the Light of the World to come into her heart and soul becomes a light to those around her.

    Helen is usually a good teacher, using stories and illustrations to make ideas more clear while trying to help someone understand a difficult concept.  Teaching is sometimes a good method of bringing light. When Helen does turn the light onto a subject or person she often uses humor.  She finds it a way to ease tense circumstances and to help lighten an otherwise dark situation.

    She finds that others come to her, not only for advice, but also for help in understanding the whys and wherefore’s of their lives.  There are times when it is hard for Helen to let her light shine for her life is not always ideal either. But the Light of the World gives her the light by which she needs to walk.  And as she walks in this Light she is able to light her little corner of the world.

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men. . .



     The name Zane means ‘God’s gracious gift’.  The word ‘gift’ here has to do with the spiritual gifts mentioned in the book of Galatians in the Bible.  It deals with the abilities and talents the Lord gives this man. Once Zane has given his heart and soul to the Giver of Life, he then becomes a gift himself, sent into the world to be used as an instrument.  This is his true purpose and calling in life.

The Lord sends Zane into many places to do many different things for all sorts of people. Zane is one who is a ‘jack of all trades’ because he can do various things, and do them well.  Not just in the physical sense either, all though it can be applied that way.  Usually it means that if someone is needed to support and lift you up, in times of trouble or just in the day-to-day way of life, Zane is there. He is that kind of man. Zane is the man you call on when you need something done, done right, and right away. He is not a slacker.  Zane is a good ‘right hand’ especially when a hand is needed.  You can depend on him. Zane is a friend when a friend is needed.

Zane is the kind of Christian upon which the Church is built. He might be one of those men who actually physically and literally build it but that is not what we are talking about here. Here we are talking about what the Church needs as its foundation in order to fulfill God’ s plan for His people who ARE the Church. There are still prophets , teachers, interpreters of tongues, dreams and visions and all those we find in the Old Testament as well as the New. These have not passed away. And Zane is one of those men.

Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.



The name Udell means ‘ wealthy ‘. To be rich in the kingdom of God is not necessarily the same thing as having an abundance of worldly possessions. Udell is blessed by her Creator with many spiritual gifts that are valuable assets to Him and to the family of God

God has given Udell many capabilities and abilities.  He gives these to Udell as a way for Him to be able to give good things to His children and be a blessing to them also. Udell is really an ordinary woman you might meet at the grocery store or at Church some Sunday morning or working at your doctor’s office . She’s nothing dpecial, at least at first glance. Udell does not have an inflated idea of her worth but at the same time she is well aware of the need there is of the abilities with which the Lord has blessed her. It is the calling on her life to ‘spread the wealth’ so to speak.  She is not to keep to herself what the Lord has given to her.

Others often do not see His giftings and callings easily or quickly or understand their importance.  After Udell has given her heart and soul entirely to God and to His service, it then becomes apparent just how precious she is to Him. It is this gift of wealth she has that makes valuable to Him as well as those to who he sends her, and she k ow this. So she works hard to be generous . There are way to many needy and hurting people in need of God’s love and resources for Udell to hold back. Through her life and how bountifully the Lord deals with her, others can learn what they can expect from God themselves.

 Pro 22:4  By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life.




The name Trudy means ‘universal strength’. Universal simply means the whole of a thing and of course strength means just what it says, strength. Now Trudy being a female most likely she isn’t muscle bound as some men are. Trudy has a different kind of strength Hers come from her relationship with her God. Over her years of walking with Him and even the years when she wasn’t, Trudy gained in her knowledge of God, His Word and what all this can and does for a person.

The name Trudy means ‘universal strength’. Universal simply means the whole of a thing and of course strength means just what it says, strength. Now Trudy being a female most likely she isn’t muscle bound as some men are. Trudy has a different kind of strength.Hers come from her relationship with her God. Over her years of walking with Him and even the years when she wasn’t, Trudy gained in her knowledge of God, His Word and what all this can and does for a person.

Trudy ‘s faith becomes stronger the longer she walks with Him. But this can and should be said of anyone who knows God. Trudy has a universal strength . A strength that doesn’t center on any one area but throughout her life. About the time she feels as though she can flex her spiritual muscles the Lord leads her in to another area, usually a valley. These valleys which we all are confronted with at different times in our lives is where Trudy grows all her muscles.

While Trudy does spend quite a bit of time in her valleys This does not make her a depressed or gloomy type of petson. She’s not always the bright ray of sunshine or the rainbow at the end of your day she nevertheless usually is the strong hand of friendship when it is needed. Because of her experiences she suffered through she has learned so much and she is able to share it. Does she have the answer you need? Sure, sometimes . She is not a guru with all answers for all people with all problems.

What Trudy does have is a quiet and steady strength born in her faith in her God. While she sometimes desperately clings to Him He never let’s her go nor does He ever fail her. Through this Trudy finds the answers she and others need. It takes someone who not only has weathered some tough storms in her life and lived in many a valley to learn to be strong. God does not hand out gifts of strength like candy to a child. It is earn.earned and Trudy has earned hers.

Ephesians 6:10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.


The name Sarah has two different meanings , one is the usual one you find in most baby name places which is ‘princess’a and the other one is ‘mother of a nation’. The two seem to be opposites and basically they are. But there are some similarities . One, they both have a high position from which they rule. Two, they both are very important people, women in particular. And three, what they say, do or even imply makes a difference to somebody if not a to a lot of people. Who knows how far Sarah’s influence may reach?

So whether our Sarah is just a run of the mill princess or a mother of a nation it is extremely important that she makes sure that the One Who influences her is one who will guide her onto the Right Path. This is important because there are those who pay attention to the tiniest thing she says and does and tends to do the same.

Sarah may kick and scream and say like some recent sport players say that she didn’t sign up to be any body’s role model. That she shouldn’t be responsible for other people’s actions . And of course not, God is a good God, you are only accountable for your own actions. However when you find out that through no fault or decision of your own this has happened anyway then you need to go to the One Who is responsible and get it checked out . He has a master plan for each of us and no two are exactly alike.

Sarah need not get too introspective and examine her every thought and deed and look to see what effect it might have on others. God only wants her to live a life that is pleasing to Him. No one is required to live their lives based on other people’s needs. And then there there is the thought that maybe Sarah is supposed to truly be that big of an influence on a bunch of people but then, maybe not. Maybe she is only supposed to influence only one person. At a time.

And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this Est. 4:14